Our Mission & Goal
To introduce customs, handed down through generations, to 2nd and 3rd generation Polish Americans.


About Suzan Marzec

Suzan Marzec celebrated her 20th Anniversary of passing on Polish folklore dancing as well as the customs and traditions of the land where her father was born. She has taught more than 2,000 children and adults the regional dances and language classes subsidized by the Polish National Alliance (PNA).

Mrs. Marzec was one of the first Americans to earn a degree from Marie Currie Slowdoska University in Lublin, Poland in 1992 and teach the authentic dances in the USA. That is one of the reasons she was asked to choreograph the Centennial and Rodomianie dancers for a scene in the film, The Polish Wedding.

Mrs. Marzec started dancing at age 4 with the Polish Roman Catholic Union dancers in southwest Detroit and has performed for Pope John Paul II as well as around the country. As a choreographer she attended her first World Festival of Polish Folkloric Dance in Rzeszow in 1993 as a choreographer. 

Mrs. Marzec keeps as much of the Polish culture alive by offering pottery, amber, jewelry, glass ornaments and more in her Simply Polish retail store in Garden City, Michigan.